Time Flies ….

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Time Flies ….

47 days down in 2016, 41 days since I left home, 20 days until I get to see Drew again, 12 hours until my next training session but most importantly only 18 days until the 2016 racing season officially begins. Ummm how did that creep up so quickly?!?! Lets rewind just a little so I can fill you in on the ah… 27 days since my last blog. Sorry I told you last time I was a numbers girl 😉

Emma Jackson group

The #JFTcrew and myself spent most of January (don’t worry I won’t count the days for you) at Playitas Resort on the island of Fuerteventura. After travelling there in December for Drew and my first camp with the squad I knew another big month of training was ahead which I was 97% looking forward to and 3% thinking what the hell have I signed myself up for (may or may not have just exaggerated on the numbers there, but I will let you be the judge of that). Nonetheless I ended up having a great 4 weeks of training with the group and had my first real taste of what an intensity workout looks, or should say, feels like. Playitas Resort offers a fantastic place for triathlon training. The 50m pool is right on site along with a fully equipped gym, trail and road run options from your doorstep and plenty of quite and safe roads to ride on, whether it be flat or hilly. Every day we were welcomed with perfect training temperatures and sunshine, no rain in sight to dampen our day. And no I haven’t picked up Playitas resort as a new sponsor, it really is a great place to train, but hey if they are offering I wouldn’t say no!

Emma Jackson swim open water

What I very soon learnt was there is wind, lots and lots of wind, so much wind I am pretty sure they should use wind turbines to produce their electricity. I don’t know, maybe that is what they already do but seriously guys if you haven’t thought of doing that then get to it, that island has some serious wind. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? At least the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet ensured I always stayed on the bike and never got blown off. That’s the real reason why I ate all that food, or so I will keep telling myself.

Anyway  we have swapped Spanish islands and I am now in Majorca/Mallorca. I don’t even know which one is correct for us Aussies but one of the two will work for everyone. After spending time with a group consisting of 9 different nationalities I thought the language difference between native English speakers and English second/third/you know too many language speakers would clearly be the most different. However I never thought I would nearly have to resort to google translate to work out what Katie (American) was saying sometimes. For example… ‘After the workout we went to the gas station to buy a picarn pie, some candy and a soda and used the washroom while we were there’. Umm hello, in English please!!! So you mean… ‘After the training session you went to the petrol station to buy a pecan pie, some lollies and a soft drink plus used the toilet while you were there?’. Correct!!

Emma_Jackson_bikeSorry back on track, yes we are now in Majorca for the final few weeks of preparation before the 2016 season officially begins in Abu Dhabi. We are spoilt once again in having the swimming pool literally a stones throw from our apartment and gym a couple flights of stairs below. Some days are a little chilly, or maybe a lot chilly, probably equal to Brisbane winter temperatures but who knows I haven’t experienced one of those in a while. And here I am now remembering the other athletes telling me at the December camp when they were here in Majorca January and February 2015 it was cold and there was still snow on top of the mountains. Note to self; next time pack a few more warmer clothes, when Europeans say it is cold, they mean cold, believe them!! The type of clothes I have seen the other athletes go running in; I don’t even own clothes like that – full length tights, long sleeve shirt, run jacket, puffer vest, a head bandana thing and even gloves. And off I go, the Australian who is use to high 20 – mid 30 temperatures and who hasn’t even seen a winter since 2009, in my t-shirt and tights, actually let me correct that my ‘capris’, apparently tights only mean full length not ¾’s. Maybe I am crazy or maybe the others are just soft, I choose the latter. 😉 Lucky I packed my arm and knee warmers for riding at least, oh yeah and that breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet has come in handy for something else too!

However I am still enjoying it and embracing the opportunity to train and be a part of such an amazing group. Some days I surprise myself, some days my legs just don’t want to play ball and when you are around such good athletes that means you are behind, a fair way behind, lets not go into detail on how far behind, but hey who doesn’t want to be challenged. T – 18 days until my first race of 2016, who knows what that will bring but I am excited to find out.

Emma Jackson run trailEmma Jackson pool

Emma Jackson run

Photos by Tommy Zaferes